1-2-1 Management Development - personalised support to help individuals overcome any challenges they're currently faced with.

1-2-1 Management Development

We fully recognise that some development needs require a unique, highly distinct approach that cannot be addressed effectively by traditional training courses.  This may be down to the experience level of the individual, the sensitive nature of their challenges or simply, just how busy they are.

Phoenix are highly skilled at first understanding the objectives and then creating a personalised, blended development plan, delivered in a flexible format that gets results.  We can cover almost anything that time allows, but popular topics include:

  • Improved self-awareness
  • Developing a more flexible leadership style
  • Recognising the value of delegation
  • Adopting a more empathetic style of communication
  • Handling challenging conversations with confidence
  • Enhancing your organisational reputation
  • Influencing upwards
  • Increasing levels of motivation

Programmes are usually made up of a series of short, sharp 121 sessions – delivered face to face or virtually, combined with a range of tasks and activities that are completed independently and help embed the learning and initiate real behavioural change.

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