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When looking to improve sales performance, some kind of training is often seen as an easy solution. The difficulty is that successful sales is a complex mix of skill, technique, attitude and approach and so any sales development must also reflect this – it is rarely just a case of ‘training’ and so we always advocate an approach that utilises face to face learning, foundation work and targeted activities.

We recognise that any development required to improve sales performance has to focus on the key skills and techniques that will be vital for success in your particular situation and will therefore make the biggest impact on organisational goals. We call these the “key leverage skills”.

By focusing on the key leverage skills, participants learn and develop those skills and techniques that really make a difference. This increases the intensity of their development and produces higher levels of return on investment.

Areas of expertise include Sales Essentials, Strategic Account Development, Presentation Skills, Negotiation Skills and Sales for non-sales staff.

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