Strategic sales skills development

Our strategic account development programmes are aimed at clients operating in complex or technical B2B markets with multiple decision influencers and complex buying cycles or channels to market.

Our clients are usually seeking high growth and/or significant changes in their sales and are looking to:

01.┬áAchieve challenging or aggressive ÔÇÿfaster than marketÔÇÖ growth targets

02. Adapt fast in a changing market

03. Accelerate sales with new products or services or in new markets

04. Win higher value deals and/or clients

How we make a difference:

01. Deliver a proven, pragmatic sales framework based on client buying journeys

02. Tailor to your specific markets and needs with clear measurable goals

03. Work on your real accounts to ensure everything is highly practical and relevant

04. Create a consistent approach for your business to help replicate and accelerate success

Our strategic account development programmes are led by Anna Britnor Guest who has nearly 30 years experience in complex B2B sales and sales training.

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