PROMOTE - our Learning Transfer Platform that drives application and provides complete visibility on what is being used back at work.


We use PROMOTE to measure results and demonstrate clear ROI from our high impact development programmes. Our clients value this approach because:

  • The chances of the learning being applied are greatly increased by actively involving participants, their stakeholders and the course leader throughout the programme
  • Time spent in the training room is optimised by facilitating the completion of knowledge transfer and foundation work in advance
  • Performance against key ROI measures is tracked – allowing all those involved to see the effectiveness of each intervention

Key system features:

  • Participants and stakeholders have easy access to everything connected to the programme, including pre-course work, joining details, support notes, reading lists and e-learning
  • Participants are challenged to complete a range of activities before and after the face to face elements
  • Participants are encouraged to take more personal responsibility for their own development
  • Available both for programmes developed in-house and for programmes developed by the Phoenix team
  • After use in a Phoenix programme, the platform can be enhanced to include in-house induction, as well as commercial, technical and product knowledge skills development

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