At the end of each financial year, we spend time reviewing all the workshops and programmes we have delivered, looking for trends and indications as to what businesses are looking for in terms of learning and development for their employees.

This year there were two significant “shifts” that showed up in particular. Firstly, there has been a huge amount of interest in training “new to role” managers. This is very encouraging as all too often managers are promoted from within the existing team without being given the solid foundation of management skills and techniques that they will need in their new role. In the past they tended to receive some management training months or even years into their role which was often too late.

The second trend we are seeing is a huge shift towards programmes rather than standalone workshops. Last year 75% of the training we delivered was part of a programme as opposed to a more traditional short event. This figure has increased significantly from the previous year’s and fits nicely with our philosophy that any training should be part of an employee’s role and not something that sits ‘outside’ of their day to day work. In addition, we are definitely finding our clients are far more receptive and open to this concept, recognising the importance of ongoing learning and development and not viewing a single training course as some kind of “silver bullet” that will transform participants overnight!

In our experience it certainly increases the likelihood of any training bringing about meaningful changes in behaviour and we’d always encourage any client to take a longer term approach to any forthcoming L&D initiatives.

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