As Sales Director at Phoenix, I spend a lot of my time talking to potential clients about the various merits of all types of training and development. Whilst those of us who work in this industry are pretty well-versed in what makes a ‘good’ development partner, those tasked with buying training are often bewildered by the sheer range of approaches and can find it very hard to cut through all the jargon and actually identify who would be best to work with for them.

We recently worked with a client to help them identify a suitable provider who delivered training in an area that we did not specialise in and they asked us to create a short checklist that they could use to evaluate potential suppliers. A few of the selection panel were not L&D experts so we wanted to keep it fairly simple, focusing only on those areas that we think make a real difference.

We thought it might now be useful to share this with a wider audience, so do please feel free to click here and use it next time you’re looking to select a suitable provider. Good Luck!

Oliver Osmond, Sales Director