I am often challenged by potential new clients to identify ‘similar’ organisations who we have worked with previously and whilst I appreciate that it can provide a certain level of reassurance – I am increasingly left thinking ‘does it really matter?’

Here’s a few reasons why….

  1. Industry expertise does not guarantee organisational understanding
  2. Everybody has different expectations for their managers
  3. Company culture and values are never the same
  4. Every group of participants require a highly specific approach

Given all that, the key question that potential clients should be asking any training provider is in fact ‘how thorough is your consultancy?’

At Phoenix, we fully recognise its importance and always include the following key elements:

  1. Individual conversations with all participants (or online TNA) to clarify their unique challenges
  2. Working closely with key stakeholders to understand any existing processes and systems that are already in place
  3. Weaving in the organisational values and cultures to the key content
  4. Reinforcing those positive behaviours that you want to see demonstrated regularly
  5. Fully addressing both individual and organisational objectives
  6. Agreeing in advance how the programme will be measured

By doing all this, you’ve got a much better chance of getting a truly effective programme rather than focusing on previous industry experience which certainly won’t guarantee results.

Oliver Osmond, Sales Director