The last twelve months have naturally seen a huge rise in the use of virtual learning solutions. Having already adopted a blended model before Covid-19 hit, we were in a better position than most to make a successful break away from the classroom. That said, we have still recognised the need to constantly review and refine our virtual offering, ensuring that it maximises the use of technology whilst still retaining the high levels of interaction and practical application that our clients value so much.

Most of the initial scepticism has been overcome, with nearly 90% of participants reporting that their current learning experience is ‘equal to or better than’ when trained in the classroom. We’ve also noticed that more time and effort is spent putting into practice their newly learnt skills which is fantastic. Participants are no longer ‘going on a course’ – rather, it’s becoming recognised as something that links into their daily routines, supporting their performance at all times.

Virtual learning has also thrown up a great opportunity to roll-out our leadership and management programmes across the globe. This is vital to ensure a consistent approach in terms of leadership behaviours and language no matter what region your people are working in but has historically proved extremely challenging and expensive.

Virtual modular, blended programmes can now be delivered anywhere across the world without the need for:

  • Trainer travel and accommodation expenses
  • Logistical and economic restrictions that demand two or three consecutive days of training
  • Complex diary planning, juggling time zones and participant availability
  • Environmentally damaging air travel

Given all this, it’s never been easier to develop your teams wherever they are operating. Technology may not be the panacea for everything in L&D but it certainly opens up solutions that you may never have previously considered viable.

Olly Osmond, Sales Director