Measurement & Evaluation - we will work with you to demonstrate the value of your L&D investment.

Our Evaluation Service

We know just how important it is to demonstrate the impact of our training programmes.  We also know how challenging and time consuming it can be to do this successfully!  Given that, we have introduced the following simple, yet highly effective evaluation service on all our management and leadership programmes.


We will agree on up to six clear objectives that the success of the programme will be measured against.   Examples of these could include:

  • Increase in 1:1 conversations
  • Demonstration of greater leadership flexibility
  • Wider use of structured feedback and the ability to manage reactions to it
  • Greater levels of discretionary effort
  • Improved self-awareness and an understanding of team strengths and weaknesses
  • Less ‘escalation’ of performance issues
  • Improved approach to setting and tracking goals and targets
  • More delegation





Approximately half-way through the programme, we will assess the current satisfaction and engagement levels. This will be shared with the stakeholders and where necessary we will amend the content or delivery format to address any identified concerns.


Approximately three months after the final module, we recommend revisiting the agreed objectives and assessing whether they have been successfully met. 

This can be done in three distinct ways:

Individual evaluation calls with the participants to establish the impact of the training on them, their team members and the organisation as a whole.  A report of the findings will then be provided to key stakeholders.

Team member online survey to capture the impact of the training from the perspective of the participants’ direct reports. (ideally organised before and after)

A presentation event during which the participants will have the opportunity to share with their colleagues the impact of the training.

In our experience, these options really increase the levels of accountability on the participants ensuring that they are challenged to apply the learning and consider its wider impact even after the face to face modules have finished.

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