Background and Objectives

Following the success of a Senior Leadership Programme delivered at their Head Office in Sweden, Indutrade approached Phoenix to deliver a concentrated version for their UK based managers and leaders. To ensure alignment with the work in Sweden, the programme needed to be underpinned by Blanchard’s SLII.

It also needed to equip the participants with a solid foundation in people management and leadership skills, with a clear focus on their practical application.

With approximately 20 UK-based companies, the participants were to be selected from a diverse range of manufacturing and engineering organisations so it was also essential that the programme provided the participants with networking, as well as learning opportunities.

We also agreed that the programme should offer some form of certification and we recommended using the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) for this purpose.

Programme Format

Each programme was preceded by individual consultancy calls with the participants that allowed us to understand their own individual and organisational challenges, as well as helping to build their levels of engagement in what was to come.

We used a short online launch event to set up the programme and explain how our learning transfer platform – PROMOTE – would be used to enhance the experience.

In line with our preferred way of working, we delivered a modular programme, with four sessions delivered on a monthly basis. Though originally planned to as a face to face programme, we successfully refined the format to reflect the Covid restrictions by introducing shorter virtual sessions working in smaller groups.

Each programme concluded with an ILM Presentation event during which the participants demonstrated how they have applied the learning and the impact it has had on their teams and the wider organisation. This complemented their evidence portfolios that made up the assessment criteria and included loads of examples of how they had implemented the training back at work.


Having now delivered the programme to 3 different cohorts with another planned for Jan 2022 – the levels of engagement have been outstanding.  All bar one participant has so far been awarded their ILM Endorsed Certification and the average percentage of completed tasks on PROMOTE has been consistently over 90% demonstrating incredibly high levels of engagement.


“Phoenix Training have offered professional and impactful learning to Indutrade UK since early 2020. Our delegates have enjoyed both classroom style and virtual sessions with consistent feedback highlighting the quality of the learning and the high levels of engagement. Their Situational Leadership ii Programme is extremely popular with our 4th cohort planned for early 2022. Regardless of topic, whether a longer programme or a short virtual session, Phoenix have delivered interesting and enjoyable sessions across our businesses and will continue to support Indutrade UK in our Talent Development journey going forward.”

Sonja WoolgerBusiness Area Catalyst (Key Stakeholder)

“It’s been a fantastic learning journey for me and has really assisted our business, can’t thank you enough,”

James Lees, MD, Datum Electronics (Participant)