Global training solutions - improve collaboration and ensure a consistent approach to people management throughout your organisation.

Global leadership & management

With many organisations now expecting increased collaboration from their global teams, demonstrating a consistent approach in terms of leadership language, behaviours and attitudes has never been more important. Historically, designing and delivering training that would address these challenges has been both expensive and time-consuming.

One of the great benefits of the rise of ‘virtual’ training is the way in which it overcomes many of the traditional barriers to rolling out global learning solutions.

We can now deliver our modular, blended management & leadership programmes to regions across the world without the need for:

  • Trainer travel and accommodation expenses
  • Logistical and economic restrictions that demand two or three consecutive days of training
  • Complex diary planning, juggling time zones and participant availability
  • Environmentally damaging air travel

Our programmes are perfectly designed to combine a series of short trainer-led, virtual sessions alongside relevant tasks and learning application activities that are completed independently by the participants.  Take a look at this example programme.

Sessions are planned flexibly to work around different time zones, from 7am to 7pm (UK time) which also enables a much quicker roll-out.

Finally, we always tailor the content to each region ensuring that it is delivered in a highly relevant way, recognising local cultures and learning preferences.  See what we’ve recently done for another global client.

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