ROI & Measurement - we will work with you to demonstrate the value of your L&D investment.

ROI & Measurement


Being Kirkpatrick certified & Brinkerhoff HPLJ practitioners puts us in a strong position to provide our clients with meaningful metrics to demonstrate the value of any learning intervention – either our own or when helping with the redesign of learning developed and delivered ‘in-house’.

Our ‘Design for Evaluation’ methodology ensures that there is a clear line of sight from participant learning through to organisational goals. Performance Path example.

Our principles are simple. We begin with the end in mind – results. Our pre-design consultancy initially focusses on the Key Result Areas (KRA’s). We seek to use existing measures wherever possible and recommend new measures only when it is necessary. ┬áWe establish these measures of success in the following five key areas: Money, Staff Satisfaction, Client Satisfaction, Quality and Timeliness.


We know that there is a strong link between improvements in KRA’s and the participants’ behavioural changes – so we measure those too. We know that people do not always apply their learning in the workplace so we closely track that┬á’learning transfer’ using PROMOTE. ┬áWe also know that there is a strong link between getting the learning environment right and the amount our participants learn. Our pre-design consultancy creates the platform for effective, measurable programmes.

This approach to consultancy reflects our expertise in Kirkpatrick evaluation