Performance Management - develop a fair and consistent approach to raising results and behaviours across the organisation.

At Phoenix, we recognise that Performance Management is not something done once or twice a year through appraisals and formal reviews but rather it needs regular attention and frequent interventions. All our workshops are designed to enable the participants to:

  • Fully understand that they are accountable for the performance of their team, both individually and collectively
  • Understand the key leadership and people management skills required to deliver accurate and effective performance reviews
  • Be able to provide line reports with specific evidence-based feedback on a regular basis
  • Apply the skills and techniques to manage ‘difficult’ conversations with confidence
  • Understand different employee behavioural types and how best to get the best out of them
  • Lead performance in a fair and consistent way
  • Diagnose and deal with underperformance

We deliver Performance Management workshops as stand-alone events or as part of wider leadership development programmes. In a world where remote working is becoming more commonplace and self-reliance is a vital attribute for everyone, the leadership mindset and traditional management practices need to change.

Do take a look at this example programme to get a better idea of the range of content we could include.

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