More and more clients are recognising the value that a good launch event can bring to any development programme. So, what are the 5 key things you should consider that ensure it makes the best possible impact:

  • Get the backing right – make sure that a very senior member of staff can attend and say a few words to reinforce the importance of what the participants and their managers are about to undertake.
  • Get the format right – do you need to get everyone together or could you run it remotely via webex or skype? This is especially important for those organisations with global workforces and logistical challenges.
  • Get the content right – any event should certainly be enjoyable, but it’s also important that those involved learn something and start thinking about their forthcoming challenges.
  • Get the timing right – not only how long the event itself should be (I’d suggest no more than 2 hours) but also how close to the programme it should take place. Far enough away to allow for reflection and the completion of any pre programme activities, but close enough to build on the momentum and engagement built.
  • Finally, do remember it’s only the first stage – not everyone will leave an event of this nature completely engaged and highly motivated to learn more. Reactions will always differ and it’s not always a true indication of an individual’s attitude to the programme itself.

Oliver Osmond, Sales Director, Phoenix Training & Development